Marfa Schools uses SchoolMessenger to send parents information via text, email, phone, or all three. Families are automatically signed up for notifications but they may change their preferences at any time. For the safety of the students, parents are unable to opt out of receiving emergency notifications such as weather emergencies or lockdowns.

Setting Your Preferences

Parents are able to edit their settings by logging into InfoCenter. You may need to sign up for the service using the link in the upper right. If you are signing up please use the email address that you gave the school during registration - this will be the email linked to your parent account. This will send a confirmation code to your email address that you can use to finish signing up for your account.

Parents can set there permissions for InfoCenter from the 'Preferences' screen. This allows you to manage phone, text, and email settings for each category.

Once your account is created you can login to set your notification preferences. To set options for which notifications you wish to receive, simply click the 'Preferences' option in the upper right of your screen. In the 'My message preferences' section you will see the categories we use to send messages out (General Announcements, School Hours Emergency, etc). You can select any category and then manage if you'd like to receive phone calls, SMS text messages, emails, or none of the above. Parents are unable to update their contact information from this site however. If you need to change your email or phone number, please call Marfa ISD to speak with a secretary or the PEIMS Director.


Below are the categories that Marfa Schools currently uses for parent notifications.

Notification Type Description
General Announcements General announcements about testing, student pictures, graduation, etc. These are only sent to the primary contact.
School Hours Emergency Emergency notifications sent during schools hours. These include lockdowns and emergency related early releases. These are sent to both the primary and secondary contacts.
Non School Hours Emergency Emergency notifications sent before or after schools hours. These include weather emergencies causing late-starts or closures. These are sent to both the primary and secondary contacts.
Attendance Automated messages sent out when your child is absent from class. These are only sent to the primary contact.
Food Service Automated messages that go out every Monday at 5 PM if your child has a negative cafeteria balance. These are only sent to the primary contact.