Students have been graduating from Marfa High School since 1901. Geographically, Marfa ISD is the second largest district in the state of Texas (nearly 3,000 square miles– larger than the state of Delaware). For decades, Marfa ISD had an elementary school in the community of Redford along the Rio Grande. Today the students of Redford attend Presidio ISD; however, Redford is still in the Marfa ISD taxing authority, residents vote in the Marfa ISD elections and Marfa ISD reimburses Presidio ISD for the expenses of educating the Redford students.

Marfa ISD maintains a student population of 330 to 360 students per year. Between sixty to sixty-five staff make up the faculty of Marfa ISD.

Alma Mater

I’d rather be in Marfa than any other land,
Out where there’s cactus, wind and sand,
Where the cowboy clasps your hand.
Marfa High belongs to me,
True to her I’ll always be;
Memories I’ll keep in store
Through the years forever more.

Fight Song

Go, Marfa Shorthorns,
We are on your side.
Keep a movin’ faster, Shorthorns,
Stop that rushing tide.
Fight! Fight! Fight!
Go to that goal line,
Keep your spirits high.
For the big purple Shorthorns,
We will help you win this game tonight! Go!