Science Fair Winners

Mrs. Roman's 2nd Grade class with their ribbons.

Mrs. Roman's 2nd Grade class with their ribbons.

The 2018 Science Fair is finished and the winners are in! Thanks again to the volunteer judges, students, and parents that made this happen. Also thanks to the staff that put this together and setup all the logistics and did more things than can be mentioned here. Below are the winners! Congratulations to these students.

2nd Grade

1st place (Class Project): Mrs. Roman’s Class
(Individual project)
1st place (Tie): Lily Aguero and Adonise Lujan

3rd Grade

3rd place: (Tie) Mateo Meza and Aubrey Tarr
2nd place: Asael Zubia
1st place: Noah Barton

4th Grade

3rd place: Clegg Fowlkes
2nd place: Amaya Gomez
1st place: Charlotte Browning

5th Grade

3rd place: (Tie) Noah Aguilar and Davan Jones
2nd place: Colton Sturman
1st place: Kassandra Garcia

6th Grade

3rd place: Victor Culbertson
2nd place: Stella Shepard
1st place: Willem Zuniga