Faculty and Staff generally report to work at 7:40 AM and are on campus until 4:00 PM. There are between sixty and sixty-five employees that serve the approximately 350 students at Marfa Schools. Nearly all teachers are highly qualified, many holding advanced degrees in their subject. Teachers come from all over to teach at Marfa with some staff members fluent in English, Spanish, French, and German.

District Staff

Sara White - School Counselor
Beverly Dutchover - School Nurse
Linda Ojeda - Athletic Director

Elementary Professional Staff

Below is a list of our elementary staff and their emails.

Emily Steriti - PK to K Montessori Teacher
Eliza Barton - 1st to 3rd Montessori Teacher
Cheri Aguero - 4th to 6th Montessori Teacher
Victoria Villarreal - PK Teacher
Sheri Eppenauer - Kindergarten Teacher
Coriza Pina - 1st Grade Teacher
Heidi Roman - 2nd Grade Teacher
Amanda Bolanos - 3rd / 4th Math & Science Teacher
Janet Enriquez - 3rd / 4th ELA & Social Studies Grade Teacher
Connie Davidson - 5th Grade Math & Science Teacher
Sara Tandy - 5th Grade ELA & Social Studies Teacher
Ellen Weed - Elementary SPED Teacher
Paulo Vargas - Elementary PE Teacher

JH / High School Professional Staff

Below is a list of our junior high and high school staff and their emails.

Arturo Alferez - Junior High Social Studies Teacher
Jose Salgado - Junior High Math Teacher
Jaylia Foster - Junior High ELA Teacher
Zuri Izworski - Junior High Science Teacher
Mary Mois - High School Art Teacher
Vincent Smith - High School Band Director
Linda Ojeda - High School ELA Teacher
Sabra Laviers - High School ELA Teacher
Jacqueline Hernandez - Content Mastery Teacher
Lawren Taqui - High School Social Studies Teacher
Josh Kelly - High School Math Teacher
Kim Thornsburg - High School Math Teacher
Jamie Avalos - High School Science Teacher
Holly Blankenship - High School Science Teacher
Josh Steinberg - High School VoAg Teacher
Denise Green - High School SPED Teacher