The Academy

Administrators and Teachers Collaborate to Start an Academy of Learning for Junior High
by Crystal Catano

We are trying to integrate as much technology as possible.
— Raquel Jenkins - Academy Instructor

     The Academy of Learning program is a new teaching program for students to learn by working hands-on and using technology.
     The Academy of Learning program is just at its “pilot” phase this year to see how the students will react. This program is meant to push the students to “self-motivate themselves,” as Mrs. Taqui enthuses. Mrs. Jenkins and Mrs. Taqui are quite excited and feel quite confident in this program, but since this year is just a pilot there were many obstacles that will be better sorted out after the school year is over.
    Mrs. Jenkins feels a lot more confident about next year, because, “ I think they’ll be better prepared.” Though the teachers feel quite confident about this new program the eighth grade students seem to feel a little differently. Mckaila Alanis states, “I don’t mind [the new program]. It’s the same thing [as last year], but a new name."
    Some of the Academy of Learning program tools include different approaches like more hands on work as well as technology. Mrs. Jenkins states, “we are trying to integrate as much technology as possible.” This Academy of Learning program may be off to a rough start, but it still has improvements not yet applied that will be in the near future.