Early College High School Program

Marfa ISD and area colleges and universities have partnered together to provide a quality dual-credit and early college program to the students of Marfa High School.  University of Texas Permian Basin and Odessa College offer distance learning and on-site courses in English, College Algebra, US History, Economics, American Government, Culinary Arts, and Criminal Justice. These courses are available for our students in grades 9 through 12 that meet the required test scores.

In 2013-2014 the Early College Initiative was started at Marfa ISD. The Texas Education Agency has awarded Marfa Early College with the ECHS designation. Freshman students are eligible to enroll in an online Music Appreciation course from UTPB in the fall. This course will meet the student’s need for their fine arts credit at both the high school and the college level.  In the spring, a communication/speech course will be offered.

Marfa ISD covers all fees, including books through grants and donations from a supportive community. For more information, please contact the school at 432-729-5500.

Admissions Policy


Marfa ECHS Admissions Policy

Marfa ISD Early College High School’s primary focus is on providing students from underrepresented backgrounds (i.e. at-risk, low income and/or first generation college attendees) the opportunity to earn 60+ college credits free of charge while attending high school. As a designated Early College High School we must target students from underrepresented backgrounds; however, we encourage students of all backgrounds to apply.

Early College High School is available to any MHS student that meets the criteria listed below:

  1. The student must have a desire to be a part of the ECHS program and be able to explain this in a writing.
  2. The student’s parent and/or guardian must want their child to be part of the program.
  3. Both the parent/guardian and student must agree to abide by the standards of academic and behavioral expectations of ECHS.
  4. Both the parent and student must agree to comply with all the policies of the program including the Electronic Information resource agreement for issued devices.
  5. Both parent and student must agree that the ultimate goal is to graduate from Marfa ECHS with college credits as planned.

Note: In accordance with the Texas Education Agency rules for ECHS Blueprint Benchmark 1, academics, discipline, state assessments and/or teacher recommendations cannot be considered in the selection process.

Marfa ISD ECHS does not discriminate on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, transgender, disability, race, color, age or national origin as required by Title IX, Section 504 and Title VI.


Marfa ECHS Admissions Process

  1. Student or parent expresses a desire to pursue ECHS.
  2. Administrator and/or counselor conducts an in depth orientation and for both the parents and students. This orientation will cover the structure, goals, intent, and standard expectations of Marfa ISD and Marfa High School ECHS.
  3. Student and parent/guardian will complete the ECHS application answering designated questions and submit it in person to Marfa ECHS.
  4. Review of the ECHS application is done blindly with all identifying information hidden from the selection committee. The selection committee consists of Central Administration, Campus Administration, Counselors, and Teachers of the Marfa ISD Early College High School and Marfa Junior High.
  5.  Complete applications that meet the selection criteria are placed in a lottery pool in which students are chosen to become the future ECHS cohort by random drawing (if needed).
  6. Selected applicants and their parents/guardians are notified by the Principal two weeks following the lottery drawing.
  7. Parents/guardians and students have two weeks to notify the Principal of their acceptance or rejection of the invitation to become a member of the Early College High School.

TSI Testing and Training Calendar

TSI Tutoring


Students can log on to this FREE app and register for extra help with TSI exams and sample questions. 
Click on the link below




TSI Testing will be available on the following dates (pending there is enough interest to conduct a testing session). Please see the HS counselor for details.

May 3, 2018  -  June 21, 2018  -  July 19, 2018  -  August 16, 2018  -  October 25, 2018  -  February 8, 2019  -  April 26, 2019   -  May 10, 2019

TSI testing is conducted for free with successful completion of tutorials. 

Brochures for ECHS will be posted here when completed. 

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with University of Texas - Permian Basin (and any other partners) will be uploaded here once final and executed.


Marfa ISD Early College High School Leadership Meeting Agenda

Marfa ECHS is a standing topic of conversation on the Administraive Team's Weekly agenda as presented by Dr. John Sherrill, Marfa High School Principal.


Marfa ISD Early College High School Minutes

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